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Wig wearing

Generally speaking , you need to wear a hair net before wearing wig , this will make the effect much better .

1)   Making the whole hair net round  the neck .

2)   Making the edge of hair net which with a rubber string to press the bun , make the real hair insides hair net .

3)   Carry the other edge up to make all the real hair inside the hair net , and use you hands to knesd the hair regularly , using the black clip to fix on the closing position , to avoid the real hair to fall

4)   Patting the really hair gently in front of the mirror to make it fitting well  and keep the head shapely and smooth , as the elastic of the hair net edge is large , please also use clips to fx it to avoid the hair net to fall .

As the wig packing finished directly after production , the hair is nest and tidy , please to carry out the following  operations to make the hair fluffy before wearing .