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What Is The Best Grade of Human Hair ?

There is a lot more to human hair weaving than just adding volume and life to your hair, there are also many options for how to obtain the best grade of human hair for your weave. Most people are interested in the monetary benefits of what is the best grade of human hair to use when weaving. This is a wise choice if you are going to be using the human hair weaves for an item that can have a significant financial impact such as a hairpiece for professional use. Some common questions that are often asked about this topic include the following:


Q. What is the Best Grade of Human Hair?

A. There are several hair grades from which to choose, ranging from tena to tenk, with tena being the lowest grade. If you are interested in creating custom made pieces of hair for yourself or someone else, you will need to know what is the best grade of human hair to use.

Q. Why is My Hair So Thick?

A. The hair grading system for tena, tenk and other hair grades are all measured on the degree of thickness they produce. The thinner your hair is, the higher the quality it will produce and thus, the higher the price it will be.

Q. Where Can I Find Hair Grading Systems Online?

A. There are a variety of sources online that will provide you with the answers you seek regarding what is the best grade of human hair available in the market today. Some of these resources are informational websites, while others will offer samples of the various hair grades in question so you can make an informed decision before investing in one.

Q. Is There Really a "One Cut System" for Determining What is the Best Grade of Human Hair?

A. Yes, there really is such a system and the best way to determine what is the best grade of human hair for you would be to look at different manufacturers and hair care product manufacturers and their respective lists of hair cuticle standards.

Q. Is There Such a Thing As "Shampoo grade"?

A. Yes, you do, there is such a thing as shampoo grade hair which is slightly thinner than your natural human hair. It is good to know since you may want to use a thinning shampoo if your hair is thin and not too long like the typical African American or Asian man's hair.