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What Is Indian Remy Hair ?

Indian remy hair is incredibly silky, extremely flexible and extremely strong and is extremely suited to African American men of all ages. It blends seamlessly with African American hair and can be acquired in a variety of different textures including curly, straight or wavy. Because it is so similar in composition to the Russian hair it is sometimes referred to as Russian Hair. When you consider that the Indian Remi is also an incredibly healthy hair to begin with and because it is available at most health food stores, pharmacies and online there is no reason not to add it to your own hair care regimen.


To start with, if you have never attempted what is Indian Remy hair you should know that there are several different types and we are going to discuss three of them below. If you would like to try the curly Remy hair then the first type, you will want to try is called curly Remy. This is available from some online websites and health food stores. The texture is somewhat coarse and thick, this is due to the natural oils that make it silky, however, this is also a very healthy hair to begin with because of the natural silky nature of the hair.


The next form of Indian Remy is the single direction cut. This form is usually more manageable than the first and is considered by many to be more manageable than its counterpart the curly Remy. The benefit of a curly cut is that it has more body than a straight cut, however, with a single direction but you are not left with long silky hair strands but short bouncy ones. With a single direction Remy hair extension the cuticles are kept aligned and this makes them less likely to get caught up in hair, something that can happen with curly cuticles.


The last form of Indian remy is the wavy Remy. This is the most commonly sought form of remy hair weave because it is the most bouncy of all the types. The texture of this particular form is more textured than any other of its kind, which gives it the unique name of "wavy Remy". It is also the most durable and requires no heat protecting treatment, which is why it is the most popular type. The most common form of wavy red is curly, which is also a fine finish that requires no heat protecting process and has plenty of body.


Each of these three forms of Indian Remy hair is different in texture, some smoother and some more rough in texture. What is Indian Remy hair in general though is kinky and shiny straight red hairs that are silky smooth and have the ability to easily curl. These are also the least expensive form of all the forms of Indian Remy hair out there. The texture of curly Remy is the most unique because curly is naturally curly and kinky is naturally straight. People who have curly hair are naturally straight, but the curling of their hair pulls the natural curl in and gives them the look of having wavy hair, which gives it the unique name of "crispy remy".