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Wet And Wavy Virgin Malaysian Hair Styles

Wet and wavy malaysian hair is very much sought after by most women, It gives an entirely new look to your hair. This type of hair is known as " Malaysian Hair ". The good thing about this hair is that it is available in various lengths, texture and color. This article will introduce to you some of the hair styles, which work best with wavy and wet virgin hair.


This is one of the oldest and most popular hair styles in Malaysia. It is a semi-updo style in which wet wavy hair is draped using a piece of cloth and pinned straight. The beauty of this hair style is that it gives the impression of curl. If the hair is to be straightened, the hair is blow dried on low heat then lightly ironed using the finest tooth comb.


Another popular hair style is the French twist. In this hair style, hair is placed on the floor in a large round structure. The hair is twisted clockwise until a gentle wave motion is produced. This is an ideal choice for those who are looking for a wavy type of hair style. Hair pieces and hair extensions can also be used to create this type of hair style. Hair pieces are made from synthetic hair such as wools or synthetic hair such as acrylic, keratin, nylon or wax.


This is another one of the most popular wavy hair styles in Malaysia. In this hair style, the hair is arranged in ringlets. After the hair has been arranged in ringlets, it is wrapped using a piece of cloth on the back and then the hair is pinned straight using elastic bands.


This style is very popular in women because it makes them look beautiful and attractive. This is a natural hair style that does not require any chemical products and is ideal for people who have natural wavy hair. There are some professional stylists who can apply extensions and jewelry to make the wavy hair style more appealing. However, you may need to invest a little extra money to achieve the look that you desire.


Regardless of the type of hair styles that you choose to maintain your hair in beautiful and silky. There are many professionals who are able to make your wavy hair look more appealing. A visit to a beauty salon is a good way to achieve the sexy and seductive look of wet and wavy virgin Malaysian hair.