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Virgin human hair wholesale supplier in China

It's generally know, China was the biggest exporting country with virgin human hair because of the special patent, more than 93% market share with this business in the world was from China. but you may not know that, of these, about 90% was trading company, the rest 10% was the real manufacturer, and Mao Yuan just the one of them.


But this 10% factory still with their difference.

Some of them was just factory which producing finished hair products base on taking hair material from other factories, they didn’t collect the hair material by themselves, what we call this in China was processing plant(factory). The rest of them was which they collect the hair material themselves and producing finished human hair products in whole process.

We Meirhairwas one of this in whole process chinese hair factory. We collect hair material from different countries, obviously, we offer hair material to some processing plant(factory) too.