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The Importance of Hair to Us

For women, an elegant hair will leave a meaningful impression, for men, a clean and shiny hair makes people feel that their indexing. In addition to hair there are many features, so less than a last resort, do not free to shave hair.


Hair is one of the second sexual characteristics of men, male hair symbolizes masculine, rich, female hair symbolizes gentle, charming, the saying goes, the head can be broken, hair can not be chaos, so do not shave head


1. Hair warm, cold function.

2. hair can protect the brain, the damage to the brain damage.

3. Hair also has a discharge function, the human body harmful elements from the hair excreted.

4. Before the lightning occurs, the hair will stand upright, the formation of electrostatic field, if the timely escape from this area, from natural disasters.

5. hair can identify blood type, you can do DNA identification