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The Difference Between Remy and Virgin Hair

There is quite a difference between remy hair and virgin Hair. If you are looking for a natural product which can be used as a replacement for your own hair then you should definitely consider using Remy and Virgin Hair products. In addition to being able to use these hair products you will also find them to be much more affordable than the other types of hair extensions available. These types of products are available from a number of different companies and there is a wide range of different price ranges for you to choose from. You will need to spend some time comparing the different prices and offers that are available in order to get the best deal possible.


The first thing that you should always bear in mind is that genuine Remy and Virgin Hair cannot be made from human hair. This hair is known as Remy due to the fact that it has been taken from the head and scalp of a goat. When this goat's head is removed, it is used to make this type of hair. The cuticle of the hair remains intact and this is what gives Remy hair its distinct quality and feel. In order to give your hair the same great feel as if it were your own hair you will need to remove the cuticle and you should never attempt to cut the cuticle off yourself.


It is very difficult to get rid of the cuticle from virgin hair so it is always better to invest in Remy hair wig. If you were to attempt to remove the cuticle on your own you could cause a lot of damage to the hair and this may not be an option you want to go down. If you do want to try and remove the cuticle, you will need to purchase your Virgin hair wig. This is the best way to go as opposed to using human hair; the amount of damage that can be caused to your own hair is limited and the cost of the Remy wigs is a lot cheaper.


There are several differences in the cost of these two types of hair extensions. The most obvious difference is the price of the hair wigs. Virgin hair is usually more expensive than Remy hair because it takes more time to grow and thus requires fewer hair bundles to make one wigs. You can also often find these hair bundles at lower prices online.


Remy hair extensions come in two different forms, which include fully natural cuticles or semi natural cuticles. Virgin hair is also available in two forms, which include completely natural cuticles or semi natural cuticles. Because of the different types of cuticles virgin hair can be more difficult to work with when creating human hair wigs because the cuticles have more stretch to them and they don't lie flat against the scalp as easily as semi-natural cuticles do.


In addition to the differences in the actual cuticles, there are other differences between the two types of hair. Virgin hair has its origins in India and therefore comes from a completely natural product. Its processing to become Remy hair is also completely natural and chemical free, therefore making it safe for human application. Remy hair extensions have their own processing methods to preserve the cuticles. As a result of this the wigs made from virgin hair often come with more volume and bounce to them than remy hair extensions.