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Not sure if I should buy a 5 or 10 piece Clip In set?


The only difference is the weight and number of pieces in the set. Our Clip in extensions are thick from top to bottom and manufactured with a unique triple wefted design. This means our extensions are thicker and voluptuous as each piece has three wefts of hair bonded together. Because our natural hair tends to be finer and thinner towards the bottom of our head, our extensions create an overall natural fullness.

Our 5 piece sets weigh between 100-140 grams depending on the length of hair purchased. This set is perfect for people with fine to medium hair, it will create a natural result and give you a moderate volume and length enhancement. If you have thick hair you will need a 10 piece set.

10 piece sets weigh between 200-280 grams depending on the set purchased. This set is perfect for people who have or want THICK hair. These sets will give you significant volume! The most popular one is our 20” 260 gram set.