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Keeping Your Weave Looking Flawless

So you just got your first sew-in, but how do you keep it looking flawless? Five basic steps will help you keep your weave looking great as well as save you money. As always I want to keep this short, easy and straight to the point. If you have questions please comment, like or contact me directly using the contact form 

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1. ALWAYS WRAP YOUR HAIR AT NIGHT - Wrapping your weave at night with a silk head wrap helps keep your hair protected. Ensure to wrap the ends as well to avoid the harsh / rough ends that are tangled. 


2. US HEAT PROTECTIVE SPRAY - Simply applying heat protective spray to your weave before straightening or curling will keep your weave from looking worn down as well as protect your ends from getting frizzy.

Keeping Your Weave Looking Flawless 01

3. PURCHASE A WIDE TOOTH COMB - Detangling your hair with a wide tooth comb will help prevent shedding and breakage. Also avoid pulling or combing your weave while wet, detangle before washing your hair.


4. CONDITIONER IS YOUR VERY BEST FRIEND - It is very important that you condition your hair. I would suggest that you precondition allowing it to sit for 10 minutes before shampooing your weave.


5. INVEST IN GOOD QUALITY HAIR - Good quality human virgin hair is always your best bet. If your are purchasing good human hair, depending on how well you care for your hair you will be able to reuse your weave. Being able to reuse your weave is a great deal!