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How To Install A Lace Front Wig Without Glue ?

If you are having a hard time on how to install a lace front wig, there are several important things you need to consider first before you make any moves. Wigs are made to look like real human hair so if it is not properly applied and maintained, it will not give you the natural look you desire. If you are having troubles with the glue holding your wig in place, then the best thing to do is to apply a little Vaseline on the base of your wig and slide it onto your head. This will keep the glue from running off onto your clothes and floor.


It is recommended that before you start learning how to install a lace front wig cap, that you get an idea of how your natural hair looks like. There is nothing worse than trying to wear a wig when it is way too long or too short. Before buying a wig cap, take a picture of your head and the hairstyle you wish to emulate. This will let you know what size cap you will need to cover your head. It is not advised to purchase a wig cap that is larger than your actual hairline, this will not only make it look messy, but it will also cause irritation to your scalp.


Another important thing you need to know about how to install a lace front wig, is how to apply the glue for your wig cap. Some people are using a hair dryer to speed up the process, but I find it to be quite inefficient. The heat of the hair dryer tends to pull the glue into your hair, causing it to dry unevenly. Instead, use your fingers to apply the glue. Make sure to work slowly and gently, and try not to apply too much pressure so that the glue does not run into your eyes.


Once you know how to install a lace front wigs, you can begin to style your hair. You can add highlights and color with a wide tooth comb or by using your fingers. You can also create waves or curls with your fingers, and this is what many people prefer. Most wigs are sold in black or dark colors, so when it comes to hair color you should choose one that compliments your natural hair color. There are also colored wigs available, but these are more difficult to style and they do not last as long.


Next, you must take your wig cap off before you begin applying your wig. The excess lace can sometimes weigh your natural hair down, and if you have this extra weight you will notice that it moves around or shifts from place to place when you put it on. Take your time and experiment with different positions to see which position best suits your head. When you have found it, you are ready to begin applying your wig. To make things easier on yourself, remember to apply the wig from the bottom up, so you do not have to move it to cover a large area of hair.


It is very important to make sure you get your wig cap on first, because it will prevent your hair spray from shifting or moving around. With your hair spray on your lace front wig will be easier to remove. Just take your wig cap off and blow dry it. This will allow you to evenly spread the hair spray over your lace cap.