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How To Get Brazilian Virgin Curly Hair Weave ?

Brazilian virgin hair is a rare type of curly hair that is most usually used for braiding. It comes from the Criado Mountains in Brazil. In its natural form, it is coarse and straight. But to make the hair softer and shinier, it is transformed into virgin hair.


The process of transforming virgin hair into braided hair takes many steps. First, the cuticle of the hair is removed using shears or a shear machine. The hair is then split into several sections. Each section is then given a chemical treatment such as coloring, moisturizing and straightening. Once the split sections are prepared, they are coated with silicone after being washed and dried.


When the coat is ready, it is then heated in a microwave and exposed to infra red light. This allows the color of the hair to penetrate into the fiber thus producing better color control, softer look, and more elasticity when braiding. Once the procedure is done, the hair is polished with a brush. Virgin hair is also considered more durable than most other types of hair and can withstand the demands of braiding for several months.


Brazilian virgin hair weave is a great choice for people who want to have naturally curly locks. It produces a smooth look, easy maintenance and durability. The best part about this type of hair weave is the fact that it can be done on a daily basis without the need for a lot of hair styling products unlike most hair weaves.


In addition to being a good replacement for natural hair, the Brazilian virgin hair weave is also a perfect choice for hair extensions. This type of hair extension gives natural-looking curls while adding length, volume, and body to thin or flat hair. Since the weave is more textured than other hair extensions, it can easily add texture and bounce to straight hair. The use of this type of hair weave is very beneficial for those looking to add subtle highlights to their hair.


Those who are interested in having the perfect hair cut that looks as if it was styled by a stylist can try this type of Brazilian virgin hair weave. These hair extensions can last for two to three months depending on how often they are washed. Moreover, they require only minimal care so the only thing they need to do is to apply hair oil every time they wash. Most hair weaves are available at local hairdressers but if you don't have one nearby, you can simply visit one online store that offers a wide variety of hair extensions.