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How To Curl A Wig

Using Rollers


• Clean the wigs synthetic fibers using water and soap to prevent knots or matting occurring to the wig.

• Rinse the wig using a cold water stream.

• Repeat the procedure only this time using a conditioner and swirling and swishing the wig.

• Use a towel to completely fry the wig. It is important not to wring the hair with the towel.

• Comb the wig to detangle the hair using a wide tooth comb.

• To the section hair, apply a lotion and comb with a rat tail comb.

• Place a roller at these section ends and roll the hair to its roots. You can then secure the hair using a duck bill clip or a bobby pin. Repeat this step until the entire head is filled with the rollers.

• Place the wig in a dryer set on low heat setting for ninety minutes or until it is fully dry. If you lack a dryer, you can set the wig in a well ventilated place and let it dry. However, this alternate step takes longer and requires patience.

• Once done, you can carefully remove the rollers from the wig and style the wig by running our hands through it.