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How to choose your hair supplier? – Part.1

How to choose your hair supplier


More and more supplier of human hair in the market now, but more choice, more risk! How to avoid this risk before you confirm to purchase?

1. Know more about hair. 

What is human hair? How to distinguish hair quality? Which hair was the most suitable products for your working market? 

The best quality will never be the best choice for all purchase, the best choice will be the hair which is the most competitive (products, price, quality) in your market, what we call it the most suitable products. Obviously, if you only purchase the highest quality hair, but the price was not acceptable in your market, all will be the loss.

How to choose your hair supplier 01

2. Choose sample to test before you decide to make your official purchase.

Testing the hair quality by yourself, with a definite understanding and got your most suitable hair, then make the official order.