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What Are Fake Scalp Wigs

What are faux scalp wigs?

A pretend scalp wig is a new technical innovation for wigs. With an greater layer lace on the faux scalp, it is durable, washable and wearable with no durability problems.


The pre-bleached knots suit flawlessly with the pre-made faux scalp for a herbal scalp parting. Beauty continuously hair vendors has a new arrival object known as pretend scalp wigs, additionally named bald cap wigs.


With faux scalp lace wigs or Bald Cap Wig, you do not have to do cornrows, to use wig caps, to do bald cap technique or pretend scalp method.

This Fake Scalp technique flawlessly groups up with the bleached knots serving the most herbal pores and skin parting.

The hairline is pre-plucked to be natural, the elastic band is additionally pre-sewed for impenetrable and cushty glue-less wearing.

So you can do coiffure by means of it as your personal hair and parted it any direction.
What elements do pretend scalp wigs have?


① Pre-made faux scalp lace wig is specific from the frequent wig, it doesn’t quintessential bleaching, the hair knots are simply as the hair grows out from your head which suits your pores and skin naturally.

② Pre-plucked herbal hairline with invisible knots, make it seem to be like your very own skin, no wig cap needed, no basis needed, no glue needed, extra appropriate for all of you.

③ The wig can be parted somewhere easily.

④ No tweezing, no stocking cap needed, no bald cap needed, no glue, and no cornrows needed. Cause the cap appears like your very own skin, you can make any coiffure you want, ponytail, braids, or bun. But the frequent wig, they can’t comprehend all of these wig wholesale.

⑤ Adjustable straps and clips to make the wig steady on your head safely.

How to put on a pretend scalp wig?


Putting on a faux scalp wig is one-of-a-kind from the frequent wig, it is less complicated to installation it, here are the steps:


Step 1. flat your very own hair and make positive it doesn’t come out your wig. This is the fundamental approach for inserting on a wig. Using a comb and make your very own hair flat and tighten it with a bun.

Step 2. put on your pretend scalp wig, regulate the strap to match your head. This is a precise characteristic for a pretend scalp wig, it is no longer essential for you to put on a wig cap. Put on directly, it is handy and saves time. So the clients can use it when you are hurry to out.

Step 3. Trim the lace after you modify the cap. Please be cautious to keep away from hurting yourself. Trim the lace alongside with your hairline to make positive it is natural. If you prefer the wig doesn’t slide, you can use a little glue to make it in shape on your head well. Make positive the glue is used for hair adhesive.

Step 4. make child hair around. Choose some strands of your hair, reduce it too short, Use your toothbrush and adhesive to restoration the child hair.

Step 5. fashion your hair wig. After you sew in your wig, you can fashion your hair to any coiffure you want. Because the hair made by way of one hundred human hair, it can be curled, dyed or permed at the suited temperature. Except for that, you can make a excessive ponytail, braid it or make a bun.


See the way is convenient to put on a pretend scalp wig. Customers involved about how to cast off a faux scalp wig, of course, it is easy too.


How to get rid of your faux scalp wig?


Apply some oil on the lace the place you use glue, this can make the glue effortless to take off.

Because you didn’t use the wig cap, so simply eliminate the wig off your head.

Put the wig on the meirhair stand to make it hold the shape.

It is now not as complicated as the frequent wig, the frequent wig have to eliminate the wig cap you use on your head or the sew-inneedle strains which are tough to pass off.


It additionally saves the time you cast off a wig of your head.