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How To Care For Freetress Water Wave Hair

How to care for your Freetress water wave hair? What you can do to get unbelievably high-quality hair vendors? Today I carry forth you a few pointers concerning how to take care of water wave hair which would make you get incredible appearance.



Water Wave Hair


When brushing your Brazilian water wave wavy hair, use a smooth brush or use a wide-toothed comb, comb your hair begin at the hair ends, and gently get your work way up.

lace-frontal-wig-human-hair- (5)

When carrying water wave hair weave, if it tangles, remember, do now not comb it vigorously, in any other case it may also purpose hair breakage or hair shedding. You know, even you very own hair can now not undergo the tough treatment. It's excellent to use some hair contioner which is exclusive for hair wigs, then comb your hair. Do now not detangle dry curls as it will make it frizzy. Detangle your wavy hair when it is half of wet.


Avoid brushing your water wave hair bundles when it is wet, you can step by step moist your hair and brush gently earlier than you totally wash it. Brush your hair wig and get rid of all tangles earlier than washing.



Water wave bundles


Always maintain your water wave hair clean. Hair will tangle when it is soiled and sweat builds up. Wash your hair each week.

Wash your Freetress water wave hair in cool or lukewarm water. Put your hair into the water from ends to top, wash hair with finger if possbible, do no longer rub or twist hair.


Do now not blow dry your water wave hair, area the hair in shadow and let it herbal dry. Take care no longer publicity your virgin hair underneath robust sunshine too long.



Freetress water wave hair


Avoid your hair wig turn out to be too dry and lose its shinny, it is really helpful to use some moisture merchandise for wig wholesale like argan oil, coconut oil, Shea butter, lotion.

Try no longer use hair spray or finisher, these merchandise are tough to rinse-off after usage, and it may also motive hair damage.


Night Routine

Water wave weave


Use a silk-like scarf to wrap your hair when you sleep or use a silk pillow. Silk scarf is much less abrasive to your hair.

Apply a small quantity of oil to the hair ends earlier than you go to mattress at night. The hair ends have a tendency to be drier and tougher to be defined, so a little greater moisture would be necessory to hold it easy and shinny.


When you are no longer sporting your water wave hair, remember, do now not go away it carelessly. Place your meirhair wig in a unique place, thus, it will now not tangle the subsequent time you use it.


To make your Water wave hair appears incredible and final long, aside from selecting correct pleasant human hair, taking correct care of your water wave hair is additionally very important. I hope these hair care pointers will provide you some assist and see you in my subsequent blog.