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What is the principle of hair?

Dyed hair is the use of plants (such as oil pear fruit, fingernails, Polygonum multiflorum, etc.) or chemical pigments, the color of the hair dyed the desired color.

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Dyeing Note:


1.Before the hair must do skin patch test, that is, in the wrist or ears after a small area of hair dye, 2.24 hours after no swelling, tingling and other allergic reactions and then dye.

3.Hair to follow the instructions to operate.

4.If you own, to wear latex gloves.

5.Do not use different brands of hair dye, hair dye may occur between the chemical reaction, the formation of toxic substances, increase the chance of allergies.

6.Before the hair on the scalp rub some Vaseline, if stained with syrup, easy to wash away.

7.The hair dye is best applied at a distance of 1 cm from the hair root to reduce direct contact with the scalp.

8.After washing the hair to wash more than a few times, do not let the hair dye on the hair.

Shampoo, be careful not to scratch the scalp, so as not to cause