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About hair bulk

For the most hot selling hair items in Europe, except some kinds of hair extensions such as clip-in, tape-in, I-tip, there have one item which can be use as material for all kinds of hair extensions, we call it hair bulk.

hair bulk.png

There have two kinds of hair bulk which can be separate with their different hair material, Remy-virgin and Virgin.






What the difference between them?

The most different was that Virgin hair bulk cut from one donor, it was the highest quality hair material, which can be bleached, and dye to pure color #613, can be lasted for more than 24 months with good care, and re-style, ironed etc.

Remy-virgin hair bulk was in high quality, can be dyed and bleached, but it was matching in different hair pieces in different donors, so that was the different with Virgin hair bulk, also can last for more than 20 months with good care.

difference between

Obviously, the price for them will be different too, Virgin hair bulk price will higher than Remy-virgin hair bulk, if there want the price exactly, please feeling free to contact us!