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Why hair will be tangled


Hair knot is a common phenomenon, especially long-haired women, as long as the hair in a bad state, at any time tangled. Clinical findings, the worse the hair situation, the more serious the occurrence of tangles. Slim hair is easier to be tangled than thick hair. So how do these problems be solved?

1.The most important reason is that when the hair outer layer was chemical.physical damage, the damaged hair will make the outer cells become bizarre, they are no longer as usual in the hair on the vertical axis of the tiled, but presented Erected the appearance of these damaged cells easily intertwined with each other hook up, like two hands on the fingers can be linked to each other, so that the hair entangled with each other.

2.Sometimes in order to comply with fashion, inverted hair, that is, from the hair to the hair root and usually the opposite direction of the hair or brush head, which intentionally cause hair tangles.

3.Hair tangling may also be due to the use of inappropriate shampoo, brutal and unscientific shampoo, too hard to dry with a towel wet hair, hair too much and so on.

4.Hair and perm will also cause hair tangles. Excessive use of chemical products, such as hair gel, mousse, hair wax and other strong stereotypes products.

5.Sun sunburn. Sun too long, easy to make the hair in the water and protein loss, the hair will become no flexibility, easy knot, break, bifurcation.

How to comb?

1.In the knotted place sprayed with hair conditioner, so you can make the hair becomes smooth, and then find a hairpin or other thin pointed objects, in the middle of the knot, gently put the tightest place the hair pull come out.

2.Holding the knot above the hand, the knot of the rest of the hair loose, and then from the bottom of the knot began to gently comb up, until the hair completely obediently spread.