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What is the difference between a Hair Color Rinse and Hair Dye?

Starting with the technical difference, a hair color rinse stains the outer layer of hair. A dye actually penetrates the hair shaft and deposits color into the hair shaft.

Here it is important to note that the differences between a rinse and the traditional hair dyes are also the potential advantages of the coloring rinse.

A hair color rinse is gentler on hair and usually a less permanent option, compared to the traditional hair color.


If you want a subtle change or you want to just try a new hair color without a long term commitment then a rinse is a good choice.

Additionally, if you are concerned about damaging your hair or if you have damaged hair already then a rinse would be a better option.


A rinse is much better than a hair dye (including the closest rival demi-permanent hair color) to cover grays, when you are looking for a milder, gentler and a more subtle alternative to do so