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What is synthetic hair and human hair

Hair product includes human hair and synthetic hair. Synthetic hair product is made of synthetic fiber, looks like artificial, people feel itchy when wearing it. But its advantage is of cheaper price, and can last long time if being styled.

Synthetic fiber is a kind of supplement for human hair material, including low-temperature fiber and high-temperature fiber. Synthetic hair product is easy to get on fire.


Human hair products is made of selected 100% human hair, looks real, tangle-free, can be oil-treated, dyed, permed and re-styled as you want, but it is expensive, and it is not so good as synthetic hair when it comes to make curls on it.

Virgin remy hair is also called braids that just cut off from one’s head, no other hair mixed in. Remy hair may be mixed with other kind of hair, but the hair root and hair end keep in its original direction.