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We hope both of us know human hair

What is 100% human hair? 

Why your hair tangling? 

Why you get the expensive price? 

What is the hair cuticle? 

How to care the hair?


We hope our customers can know more about human hair!

Not only know how to hair wearing on, but also know how to distinguish human hair or not, go into purchasing craftsmanship, how to care, how to increase their durability etc.


All this you want to know exactly we can help.

Meanwhile, our communication will being more and more efficiently, and getting steady with trust.


But don't worry about the price when you choose to cooperate with us, we doing win-win business, we hope you can catch more and more market share then we can get more orders from you, for this side, please trust that we will offer you the most competitive price and quality, we devoted to doing the long term business relationship with you!


So, if there any questions, please feeling free to let us know, even we cannot answer, will ask help from expert in our factory, obviously they know more details, because they are specialized in this field for more than 16 years.


If you have your own ideas about the hair different with us, please share it, we are glad to hear that, and can learn from each other.

Human hair bundles producing line