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Lazy lady hair care

Hair need to care, like plants can not live without photosynthesis, to save your time in this busy days, you can follow this steps.

Hair cut periodically 
According to your hair, your face to finalize your hair style.

Coloring sometimes 
Even the hair on head, it will shed as normal, so if you going to change the color for your hair, it will bring you a good mood. 

But if your hair was dry, please make some deep conditioning treatment in shampoo and hair conditioner, instead of bleaching and dyeing. 

If there not so necessary, please do not make comprehensive bleaching, because it heart too much

Constant care

1.Washing and caring with proper hair shampoo and hair conditioner, do not use hot temperature in hair drier.

2.Styling products as little as possible. If there use, make a deep clean washing per week.

3.Rinse thoroughly after using some shampoo and hair conditioner.