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How to distinguish the hair quality in grade A?

Recently, we got some feedbacks from customers, all they thought the high grade, the high quality. For this position, we hope our customers can know more about how to distinguish the hair quality and separate the quality with what we name grade A.
Grade A was one of the reason we formulate the hair quality, but not all. To separate different quality hair, the first step we need to know the hair you got was processed with chemical or unprocessed.
Second, the hair range. If there same hair material, there we will match them in different range, that was what we call grade A, the higher grade A, the more full range.  
Third, what hair material your hair products produce.Virgin hair supplier here still have two, one cut from one donor, one match the hair from different donor.
But there have some suppliers will name the high grade A because of customers who only pay all attention to this high grade A, but ignore what the real quality they got.
Why you purchase hair in the same grade A, but price was too different, we hope this details can help you to make your best choose.