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How to care for hair to avoid hair knot


1.Can not use the hair dryer to dry hair, so that the hair naturally dry, hair will be the hair should be blown away the water;

2.Regularly bake the hair to the hair

3.Shampoo with warm water. The effectiveness of shampoo is best in warm water. If you have washed the hair after a burst of cold water, will make the hair more shiny;

4.Add some olive oil in the shampoo or add a few drops of olive oil to your conditioner to get the hair deep care, and can better lock the hair in the water, but also make the hair look like water Smooth;

5.Do not use plastic comb, comb with comb or bone comb;

6.Regularly trim the bifurcation of the hair, if not trim the bifurcation will develop more and more heavy.